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Broken Spring Repair

If you notice slow door opening and closing, before new motor installation, it is important to inspect the door to detect broken spring problem. Experts at garage door repair in Dix Hills, New York agrees with many that the torsion spring is a dangerous part of the door to handle without the correct expertise but it is easy to detect a broken spring even without the help of a professional garage door repair technician. A possible sign of a broken spring is slow opening or unusual speedy closing of the door and even strange noise when closing or opening the door. If you observe such behaviors with your garage doors you can easily and safely confirm a broken spring before calling a technician to fix it. To confirm a broken spring first ensure that the door is fully closed and probably locked. In the spring, check if you will notice any gap or gaps between the spring coils and if any that signifies a broken spring.If you there are no gaps the problem could be with the motor or another part of the door. If you detect a broken spring contact Dix Hills garage door repair and our experienced technicians will respond almost immediately and fix the issue before it gets out of hand. We have discount for inspection and broken spring services and we always give free offsite inspection and maintenance tips.

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