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Whenever you think of reliable and quality garage door fixing in Dix Hills, always think of us. We at Dix Hills Garage Door Repair we have well trained and experienced technicians who are always available and ready to serve you no matter the type of problem facing you. Our technicians employ the latest technology and the top tools to deliver perfect and safe solutions at all times. The technicians never make assumptions but always dig dip to determine the particular problem and the cause of the problem to guarantee that a perfect solution has been implemented. We tackle the issue from the root to make sure that there is no chance or reoccurring. For many years we have been offering installation and repair services to the Dix Hills residents and never at any time have we failed them. We are well known and trusted for our quality, in time and durable resolutions to solve all garage door problems. We have been observed and licensed by city authorities and regulatory bodies in the industries and we have been permitted to operate anywhere in the Dix Hills at any interval of the day or night. Garage Door Repair Dix Hills technicians are trustworthy and can be entrusted with any of your valuables without any worries. We take responsibility for any of your properties lost or damaged during our service delivery.

Dix Hills Garage Door Repair Services Includes

  • New door installation We sell quality garage door with variety of designs, material and style to choose from and we install the garage entry at the preeminentfee in this city. Our staff will help you through the process of new door fitting from assessing the garage security needs, determining the best door, installation and testing. The process may seem to be tedious and hectic but within a short time your garage door will be fitted in place and in operation. This is as a result of team work and experience which enhances quality and speedy services.
  • Motor installation- An automatic garage door uses and electronic motor in the door opener to help in opening/ closing of theentrance. When your motor is broken or not functioning properly it can either be repaired or replaced depending on the level of damage. Dix Hills garage door experts will test the extent of damage to the motor and either repair it or replace it with a new one.
  • Broken spring services- Garage Door Repair Dix Hills technicians are experts in fixing broken spring using the best gears to avoid any damages or injuries. We also add extra spring to reinforce existing springs to avoid overloading which leads to breaking.
  • Other repairs- There are some minor repairs whose effect are not very extreme but need to be taken care of in good time. Such repairs involve fixing of door rollers, bearing, dents, hinges and even cables. If you have any issue with your garage door, our engineers will detect the issue and repair the door appropriately. Our repairs are long lasting because we deal with the cause of the default first. If the repair cost exceeds the cost on new installation we recommend new installation using the best spare parts in the market.
  • Inspection- Regularly it is essential to inspect the door to detect possible faults and defects. Some issues may not be evident through the door behavior but a close examination will expose them. Inspection help in detecting a problem at an early stage and countering it before it magnifies to a big issue.
  • Maintenance service- These are services that helps you to take care of the door to prolong its lifespan and prevent some damages. Some of the main maintenance services include lubrication of the door moving part to reduce friction and prevent wear and tear, oiling or coating of metallic services to avoid rusting. Such services prevent other damages which would cost the door owner a lot of cash.

Do not allow any technician to do your garage door repair as this would lead to loss and waste of time. It is always advisable to employ a technician with a reputation and success history. If you have no idea about where to find the most reliable technicians visit or call Dix Hills garage door repair and you will be hooked up with experts. You can also ask your friends or family members and they will direct you to the renowned technicians in thistown. We have been in the front line as far as quality garage door repair services are concerned and we always deliver more than your expectations. Our focus is mainly on high quality that guarantees customer’s satisfaction at all times.

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